About us


Botau is a Construction, Engineering, and Machining Company located in Waddinxveen, a town in the western Netherlands in the province of South Holland near Gouda (well-known for its cheese market!). Since its inception in 2005, Botau has grown and evolved its activities across a wide variety of industries.

Botau  Construction

Botau International and its partners have one of the most advanced integrated building solutions of the 21st century. Botau International and its partners have one of the most advanced integrated building solutions of the 21st century. This building system complies with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System for environmentally sustainable construction. Our company believes that everyone (including second and third world inhabitants) is worthy of the same living standards that the most developed nations in the world desire for themselves. Our objective, therefore, is to make the highest quality buildings (representative of future global standards), accessible and affordable to emerging markets. Read more about Botau Construction!


As a company that endeavours to unite professionalism and innovation, we have extensive experience in producing CE certified industrial machines used for different purposes and applications. It is noteworthy that the implementation and monitoring of various stages of the process of engineering, including the design, modelling, engineering, development of electric components, assembly and installation is fully realized by Botau.

Through innovative ideas and a progressive attitude, Botau has, over the years, had the privilege to build machines for the following sectors:

– Shipbuilding
– Offshore
– Food industry
– Construction industry
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Botau’s well-maintained machinery consists of CNC machines as well as conventional ones. These technical facilities and equipment, combined with a motivated and skilled technical team, allow us to perform various tasks, such as machining, welding, waterjet cutting, sawing and cutting. In this manner, we are capable of fabricating and processing different kinds of materials of very specific dimensions, in both single pieces and large series. Read more about machining! 

Overhauling and Maintenance 

We are prepared to help you with the overhaul and maintenance of your machines. By means of the technical know-how that we have built up over the years, we can deal with various technical problems of machines in creative ways. Professionalism, innovation, customer-oriented strategy, efficiency, and precision are among the main values of Botau Machining and Engineering. Read more about O & M!